Time and again throughout our nation’s history, veterans have selflessly devoted their lives—and often shed their blood—protecting America from harm in times of war and peace. With help from people like you, in this new year of 2023, Veterans-In-Action will be implementing a series of programs designed to better support today’s veterans and their families in their on-going struggles to survive and thrive in these challenging times. V-I-A takes as its motto “This we do that others may live”—the credo of the legendary Air Force Jolly Greens, whose bravery and selfless dedication led to the rescue of some 3,800 downed pilots during the Vietnam War. Everything V-I-A does is based on that same precept—helping others  to live who once risked their lives in defense of ours.

Veterans in normal times face challenges as they transition back to civilian life; in the Age of covid, those challenges have intensified. Compelled by trying circumstances, V-I-A has re-imagined its vision and retooled its approach to address today’s conditions in anticipation of still more changes to come tomorrow. Our open-ended vision takes into account the dynamics of what is essentially a moving target; we dare not stand still, lest the world passes us by.

Founded in Humboldt County, California in 2006 by a decorated Jolly Green vet, having reaffirmed its mission in 2021, V-I-A begins 2022 mobilizing fresh support for veterans, using past successes as guidelines while moving forward. The demanding, grind-it-out spadework normally required to kick off initiatives such as these has been done; renewed, re-imagined, and nurtured, programs launched 15 years ago have a better chance than ever to prosper and grow in 2022 and beyond.  Past experience points the way toward a better tomorrow, as the selfless, undaunted spirit of the Jolly Greens informs V-I-A’s every move.

Both initial steps planned are based on successful programs carried out in 2006‒7.  The first involves having the month of May reaffirmed as “Veterans Appreciation Month,” with this year’s inaugural effort centered as it was before on Humboldt County and the State of California. In the first go-around, endorsements were received on every level, beginning locally in Fortuna and Eureka and extending from there upwards to Humboldt County and onward still further to Sacramento, where then-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the effort his rousing endorsement on behalf of the state.

In conjunction with those proclamations, V-I-A launched a veterans-focused blood drive in the summer of 2007, whereby donors could specify that credits be issued to a special account set aside for veterans and their families based on their donations. Any of the latter, when the occasion arises, could apply for banked credits to be applied against the cost of blood needed for surgeries and treatments, limiting what otherwise could be a major medical expense.

That same scenario worked on the local level in Humboldt County in 2007; the hope was then to use that experience as a template for refining the model and replicating the blood drive effort in other counties in California with the ultimate goal implementing it in other states.
These two steps are but a start of what we envision as expanding, enduring set of initiatives designed to better the lives of veterans and their families. With your help, this effort will grow.
One of the founders of Love- You-Vets was a Jolly Green Giant.  The unit that would selflessly rescue downed pilots behind enemy lines.
Here is a movie script based on the experiences of George Ojala – A Jolly Green Hero.
The Movie Script –  Link to: The Jolly Greens
The Veterans Administration needs help fighting fraud and corruption
George Ojala documented shipping and prescription double billing/overbilling fraud in this documentation.
The VA would put my meds in a USPS package with a tracking number,  Then they would put it into a FEDX package with a tracking number. The USPS tracking number was never used or filed, just each time charged for $8.69.  So the VA fraudulently billed postage of approximately $100. per year just for me.  If they were doing this to 1 million vets every year, that is a $100 million dollar fraud per year. They did this for 7 years for my meds.