Love You Vets is a organization that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of Veterans and Americans.

One of our goals is fund and build a healing center for Veterans and others in Humboldt County California. We ask those that can help join us in the spirit of healing and action to help us fund and build a healing center.

Another goal is to facilitate feeding Veterans in cooperation with the local fishing fleets with events to support Bridgeville Veterans.

The idea is to support the local fishing fleet by paying for their fuel and taxes.
Halibut and other fishing stocks caught on this day or period will be sold benefitting the Bridgeville and other Veterans.
Veterans and volunteers will also be eligible for food/fishstocks.
Other coordinated event will follow.

Another goal we have is to make May of each year National Veterans Appreciation Month. We want Veterans from every service and age to be appreciated and remembered for their service. Join us in letting your representatives know you also support this cause.

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